Convert your PDF documents to the EDI format that your financial system can accept.

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ERP Integration

iEDI has many solutions like BC, either in collaboration with your IT partner or through our own modules.

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International Trading

Get out in the world with iEDI, who gives you access to a large global network of trade - B2B and B2G.

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To API or not to API

Fast transaction, large scale of transmissions, no cost per document, hire a specialist from iEDI to your project.

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Complete Business Suite
36+ business documents supported

Order, orderresponse, orderchange, invoice, price catalogue, price updates, bank statement etc.

Multi Device

Check, make or confirm orders when you are on the road using your Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone device.


View or print message and business trade statistics to get an overview of your partner integrations and runtime processing.


Instant Delivery

No queues, no waiting. Your EDI messages are converted and delivery instantly on any supported protocol like AS2, AS3, X400 EDIINT, FTP, SFTP, FTP/s, Nemhandel etc.

Cloud Storage

Integrates with your favorite cloud storage like Google drive, Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox or your own storage in your LAN environment.

Built-in Mapping Engine

iEDI Enterprise users can use the built-in mapping engine to create new formats.


Instant EDI Monitor

High performance, platform independant, real-time EDI monitor and tracking system that keeps track of your EDI messages, partners and protocol status. No more missing messages or files hidden away in folders. Everything is visible - even your partners FTP folders etc.


ERP Integration

iEDI supports file based and direct ERP/API integration - if you need a module


Save time - integrate iEDI with you financial system (e-conomic, Microsoft Dynamics C5, NAV and AX )

Integrate iEDI with your financial system and achieve the advantages of a 100% digital workflow. Avoid spending time on manual entry of orders and at the same time minimize the risk of errors.
Read out invoices and credit notes automatically for your customers. You can integrate your ERP platform directly with iEDI in just 5 minutes using our guideline to setup orders receive, order response sending, invoice sending and despatch advice sending.
No Files - No FTP - No Dependencies.

The modules can be purchased through subscriptions and are installed through Team Viewer if needed. Call (+45) 4917 5243 for a casual non-comitting talk about your options, and possibilities.


iEDI+ and Premium Applications

Utilize electronic purchases and sales without having EDI


Order Suite

Send and receive ORDERS in various formats. Confirm orders using line level electronic ORDRSP (Order Response). Integrate your webshop or local catalogue system with iEDI+ Real Time Stock to let customers check the availability of your stock. Match order reponses against your orders to find differences.

iEDI Premium

Invoice Suite

Control your purchases through a scalable multi user invoice reconcilliation with automatic order match and price control. Supports multi device approval so the orderer/purchaser can acknowledge the purchase on any device. Electronic archive with DVD creation for storage, authorities and accountant handover.

What our partners say

It's free to join the iEDI Helpdesk Partner Program

"We use iEDI accounts to help our customers transmit OIOUBL (UBL2.0) messages to their customers using DK-Nemhandel and FTP.
This is a complete solution for Nemhandel."
Søren Nielsen
IT Helpers ApS from Denmark
"Our customers use iEDI+ to receive EDIFACT orders and convert them into CSV for import into MBS Navision. We support the ERP and let iEDI take care of multiple formats etc."
Knud Erik Slot Enggrob
IAdvice from Denmark
"My customers use iEDI+ and Premium primarily to convert between UN/EDIFACT and UK Tradacoms. iEDI delivers messages direcly on our Tradanet account on GXS."
Kern Nightingale
Complete It from UK

Flexibility and features for every need

Digital signatures, VAN independant, protocol agnostic MDN


No Cost Transactions

iEDI+ accounts supports no cost transactions when using peer protocols like AS2, FTP, FTP/s, SFTP or iEDI/HTTPS. Paid networks x.400 VANS, GXS (OpenText) are supported if you're forced to use this to reach your partner. You can also send or receive files through your existing VAN supplier or by yourself.

iEDI Premium

Developer API

Use your favorite programming language to integrate parts of your sales/purchase system into iEDI. Setup partners directly from your ERP. Send and receive messages direcly from your ERP without having extra hidden services to support. Use iEDI as your converter or use iEDI to add digital signatures.


Message Disposition Notification (MDN)

iEDI brings the MDN feature, normally used on AS2 connections, to a higher level by supporting MDN on any protocol. Now you can get MDN's even on standard FTP connections. Standard acknowledge files (EDFACT/CONTRL, UBL Acknowledge) are also supported. You can download MDN's or get them posted to your webservice.


Reach your Partners

Integrate partners through iEDI or any supported network like DK Nemhandel, VAN(x.400), GXS(OpenText), Tradeshift, Seeburger and others. iEDI doesn't compete with other networks but instead uses them to your success. Your partners can use any network they want even standard email.


Advantages for everyone, across the whole organisation

The Accountant

  • Real-time delivery overview in iEDI DASHBOARD
  • Simplistic installment of new customers/suppliers
  • Invite customers/suppliers, outside the iEDI network
  • iEDI documents are shown as pictures
  • Invoice approval and price control iEDI Premium

The Seller

  • Online order confirmation for the customer
  • Look for customer orders on mobile units (Phone, laptop)
  • Offer customers portal login with archive
  • Maintain price catalogues iEDI Premium

The Purchaser

  • Time saving with automatic match/comparison of the order confirmation and the order itself, that highlights errors iEDI Premium
  • Attain EDI discount from suppliers, that offers this
  • Full visibility, also showing non-confirmed orders
  • Get an notification email or SMS when receiving new orders

The IT Director

  • Control intern EDI processes, everything in one solution!
  • VANS, FTP, AS2 og GXS
  • Higher IT security and no maintenance of protocols (FTP, SFTP) or firewall
  • Conversion of EDIFACT, XML, CSV etc. iEDI+
  • API for developers iEDI Premium

The Finance Director

  • Higher turnover rate and lower integration cost
  • Optimal saving by process optimisation
  • Statistics for management reporting iEDI+

The Business Manager

  • Offer national and international customers and suppliers electronic commerce
  • Follow ongoing projects iEDI+

About us - iEDI

The story about the new one-fits-all EDI solution

A simple idea emerges

Back in 2012 iEDI.com was just a great idea - a vision that something could be done much better in the EDI line of business. It was a vision about vastly improving and radically change the market for EDI for the better, and to put an end to the perception of EDI being expensive, inconvenient, always troublesome, demanding consultants.

We seek to change that, and have done just that with the release of iEDI.com With more than 20 years of experience, and with deep roots in the EDI industry, we have created a revolutionary Cloud-based solution to help with the handling of electronic data interchange (EDI) between different financial systems. iEDI is cheaper, easier and more fun to work with, than the traditional solutions on the current market, and our users are all very excited about iEDI.

A one-fits-all solution is born

The advantage of iEDI is that you can send invoices, orders etc. yourself, from your own financial system, and then let iEDI redistribute these in many different formats to both customers and suppliers. You can also receive all possible formats, from all EDI systems without spending your time on making minor or major adjustments to your own financial system. Where most existing EDI systems only solve parts of the business process, the mission of iEDI is to be a all-in-one solution, so that you with iEDI, only needs one system.

With the customer as main focus

At iEDI the customers are the hub of our universe. We live and breathe to make sure our users get a pleasant experience with EDI every day. We appreciate customer feedback and we would not work properly without it. iEDI is created based on our customers needs and wishes. Today we are more than 15 employees, and we are very proud of what we have accomplished so far. We get new ideas along the way and we are constantly working on improving our product, to benefit our customers. We believe in sincerity and direct conversation both internally and when working with our customers. We say things as they are. And we believe, that giving it your best every day in and honest and proper way, can create the strongest relations and the best results.

Contact Us

Do not hesitate to contact the iEDI team if you have questions.

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DK-3060 Espergærde, Denmark
P: +45 4917 5243

iEDI - more than 20 years of EDI experience.

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Uses powerful EU datacenters placed in the Netherlands & Germany for optimal performance.

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